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Practice Health Plans 

Pet Health Plan Image 1We are now able to offer a Colne Valley Veterinary Practice Health Plan to our dog and cat patients.  A Pet Health Plan is an easy and affordable way to ensure that all the routine health needs of your pet can be met.  We can spread the costs of vaccinations, health checks, worming and flea treatment over twelve months.  We also offer additional discounts on many foods, items and services to all clients registered on our Health Plan scheme.

Our Pet Health Plans include

Dogs & Cats

  • Annual vaccination* with a vet consultation which includes a Health Check
  • Year round flea, worm and parasite treatment (as appropriate)
  • Quarterly health check with a consulting nurse
  • Additional weight checks
  • Nail clipping quarterly if required
  • Additional nurse health and weight checks for growing puppies and kittens
  • 10% off additional vaccinations
  • 10% off neutering
  • 10% off routine dental procedures
  • 10% off long term prescription medication
  • 10% off all food and accessories bought from the practice
  • Microchipping for £10.70
  • Primary vaccinations** £34.15 for Dogs and £25.66 for Cats

*Vaccinations include:
Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis.
Cats: Enteritis, Herpes, Calicivirus.

**Primary vaccinations to be paid at the time of the first vaccination visit.


  1. There is a joining fee of £10 per owner (for life). This fee will be collected with the first payment.
  2. If you cancel at any time other than on an anniversary of joining the plan, you will be required to pay the practice either the outstanding amount for treatment received, or the monthly payments due until the anniversary of your plan, whichever is lower.
  3. No refunds are payable for any months paid before a pet's death except at the discretion of the practice.
  4. Plans and prices valid from 1st April 2021.
  5. The practice may require you to make an upfront payment or pay for treatment before the plan commences.


Small Dogs
(up to 7.5kg)
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs
Medium Dogs
Giant Dogs

Pet Health Plan Image 2How Do I Join

Call in at the practice to complete a simple application form which will include full details of the Agreement. You will need to bring your bank details. You will receive a welcome letter, in which you will find a copy of your full Agreement details. You have 14 days to cancel should you want to.

For more information, please call reception on 01206 794695.