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In Remembrance Of Our Pets 

If you’d like to remember your pet on our website, please fill in the information on our form here.

This is Rosie. Rosie was born in my home, her Mum was Ruby who was also went over the rainbow bridge 3years ago in August. Rosie had cheated death 3 times in her life but over the last few weeks she became unwell and was clearly suffering. Rosie was a beautiful soul who loved everyone around her. She'd always be by my side. She is now pain free and at rest but she will be so dearly missed and never forgotten. Sleep well Darling and go and be with Ruby and Chelsie. We will miss you so much. Love Mummy and Family

Carol Maidment

TiaMy beautiful Tia went over the rainbow on 10th June 2022. For over 13 years she had been a big part of my heart, she will forever stay on my heart. We had the best time together, she really was my best friend. I am heartbroken. Love you forever Tia xx


JakeJake was helped to cross the rainbow bridge on 6th June 2022, 11 weeks after his brother Pippin. A wonderful 15 years with this beautiful boy, he was much loved and will be sorely missed.

Kayleigh Bunn

HarveyHarvey ‘Henry’ Heard, aged 10 taken after terminal disease but gave 10 years of unconditional love, friendship, support and extreme happiness and pleasure. He is missed every day and will always be with us, deep in our hearts. Love you.

Angela Heard

MickeyMickey is the love of my life. I rescued him while living in SA and brought him back to the UK when I came home. He was an abandoned abused rescue and also a cancer survivor. He taught me about trust and forgiveness. Mickey was the watcher in the family and mine and Rubys protector. I lost him 3.5 years ago gratefully and thankfully to old. Having Mickey meant I did something right in the world.


HarryHarry was my soul mate and I miss him every day. I have no words to describe how much I loved this dog. He was a great teacher and I learned so much from him. He showed me the power of a dogs capacity to love and forgive.

Louise Flack

MistyMisty came into my life whilst I was recovering from breast cancer and played a huge part in my healing and recovery process. She was a very special cat indeed and leaves a huge hole in my heart. I don’t think any other cat will ever touch my life in quite the same way.

Tracey Giles

PippinPippin had been with me since he was 8 weeks old and crossed the rainbow bridge on the 21st March 2022 at the grand age of 16 and a half. He was the bestest friend I could have wished for, always happy for a cuddle. I will cherish all the time we had together and will miss him forever.

Kayleigh Bunn

MaceyMacey - 16 years old, sadly we had to say goodbye to her 2 weeks ago. We feel truly blessed to have had “Our Old Lady “ in our lives. Feeling totally heartbroken. Miss her everyday.

Kelly Browning

Carla’s early life was filled with fear and isolation, being very neglected and extremely thin on rescue. However, this beautiful girl bounded into our lives at the age of 11 months and she was a real lady. She never raised her lip or growled at us her whole life (though the local dogs were terrified of her!) and she tried so hard to live for us but Ben gave her a peaceful and dignified passing at the age of 13. My beautiful brown dobe.

Louise Flack

Chas, I miss you so much. You were not with us long and no-one at the Colne Valley vets actually met you as you were a very traumatised and terrified rescue of the most awful kind. Your soul was as gentle as a feather despite everything your 8 years or so of life had dealt you and i will never get over your passing whilst in emergency surgery out of hours for gastric torsion. My beautiful gentle giant

Louise Flack

SmudgeOur gentleman Labrador Smudge was the best ever swap for an old freezer! He joined our family when he was two years old and came camping just ten days later. Always a gentle friend to us, his half aunt Pippin and latterly Miss Molly Mischief. He invariably had something in his mouth: soft toy, shoe, you name it.

In March 2021, he unexpectedly fell ill and was given a peaceful passing 48 hours later, on his thirteenth birthday. 

Rest in peace, Mr Smudge

RioRio was our 19 month old Blue Burmese who we took on in the first lockdowm and was the perfect companion during furlough. Unfortunately his life was cut short due to a complication from a heart problem. We miss him everyday

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If you’d like to remember your pet on our website, please fill in the information below:

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