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In Remembrance Of Our Pets

In Remembrance Of Our Pets

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SinbadRest in beautiful boy Sinbad. We lost our beloved funny boy on April 29th at the grand age of 20 (6 weeks off becoming 21). In the beginning Sinbad belonged to an ex next door neighbour, we had a little girl cat called Wilma and she kept calling him over the fence so he was always found in his favourite chair in our conservatory. He didn't like the small children very much at his house so loved the peace and quiet with us. We used to keep taking him home but as soon as he was let out again back he would come through the door as it was summer and the door was open. There is a lot more to this story but I will leave it there and so Sinbad moved in permanently. Wilma and Sinbad loved each other slept together, played together, just loved being together.

We lost Wilma in 2018...Sinbad was heartbroken and went into a depression for a while. We as a family spent many hours helping him to recover from his loss as well as ours.

He was a very funny tough boy loved by everyone who knew him was very loving and so enjoyed a cuddle on his terms he became to enjoy his cuddles much more as he got older. The last couple of years he has had many health problems due to his old age and was looked after by Claire until she retired and then by Alison it was always a pleasure to bring him along to Colne Valley so after 20 years of visiting we will no longer be seeing everyone.

Although we knew it was time to say goodbye which we were about to do Sinbad choose his own way and passed away in his own home with his family cuddling and talking to him just being there for him as always. We are all heartbroken 💔 but trying to come to terms with our painful loss. We would like to say a huge Thank You to Alison for all her care and kindness and for the lovely card she sent that means so much.... Sinbad will always be with us in our hearts and minds... The only time our pets hurt us is when they leave us.

Rest in Peace our Tinkerboy Sinbad

Carolyn and Dave Tatham

CagneyWe lost our beloved boy on 25th April 2024 at age 12 years and 9 months. He was an ex-puppy mill boy we rescued at age 8 and was a big, handsome, gentle soul, and loving companion to our little rescue girl who sadly passed in January 2024. Whilst losing him was a terrible loss, I cannot thank Alison enough for her patience, her caring and compassionate manner in which she helped our boy pass peacefully. I will be eternally grateful to this wonderful lady. Cagney and Chloe will remain with us in our hearts forever.

Jackie and Mike Parker

Jaffa CakeRest in peace to our baby boy, Jaffa Cake.

We’re so sad we didn’t get to have years of fun together like we were suppose to. But in the brief time we knew each other, you made us so, so happy. If you had even half as good a time as we did, then it was all worth it.

Thank you to Pascale, and Alison, and everyone at Colne Valley Vets for looking after us all.

Miss you forever, JiffJaff.

Your adoring friends,

Shauna and Ray

BenjiWhat a boy! Gentle, spirited and very much everyone’s favourite. Passed suddenly November 2023. Sorely missed. Heartfelt thanks to John for his care and understanding.

Lawrence, Megan & Jasper

TillyThis is Tilly, she is a Jackapoo. She had the best of both breeds. She was such a kind and loving dog, so affectionate with a really playful and hardy nature. She loved running around on the beach and going into the sea, fetching a ball or a stick!

She was 11 1/2 and still full of life when suddenly a brain tumour took her away from us, in less than a week!

Loosing Tilly? It was hard… It is painful!

Tilly had been going to Colne Valley Vet since she was a pup! We wish to express our gratitude to John and Alison for the caring and genuine compassion they showed. You both helped us through this difficult journey… The bewilderment of Tilly’s sudden and rapid decline and coming to term with having to let her go and free her from suffering.

She passed away peacefully, in my arms and as Alison said "with the dignity she rightly deserved"

Brigtte Texier-Pauton

BeaBea was a rescue cat and came to us when she was 7 years old. Bea spent 5 wonderful years with us, a good companion and a character from the start, she loved to lounge in a patch of sunlight or watch from the window, and from the moment she reached out a paw to me at the rescue centre, I knew she was the one! We'll miss her so much but she's at peace and free from pain now. Warmest thanks to Nish and Alison for their care and gentleness towards Bea in her last days.

Catherine W

Snoopy, Rosie and DaisyAlmost 18 years ago we chose a beautiful long haired miniature dachshund, when we went to pick her up there were two pups left ,we ended up going home with Rosie our chosen one and her sister Daisy along with their brother Snoopy, they gave us so much love and fun with their antics , sadly we lost Daisy when she was 15 💔🐾, we lost Rosie at 16 💔🐾, we lost our little man Snoopy just over a week ago three weeks before his 18th birthday 💔🐾, they will be missed so very much . Thank you Alison for your card and looking after them so well ❤️x.

Averill and Tony Lopez

GimliAfter a wonderful 18yrs together, we very sadly had to say goodbye to Gimli our gorgeous black cat on 09/12/23. I want to say a big thank-you to the staff working that day who helped make his passing as peaceful as possible.

Your were more then just a cat to me, you were my pal and I'll always cherish the times we had together. Gone from my home but not from my heart!

Neal Jones

Dora ShepherdSadly we had to say goodbye to our lovely cat Dora on 16/11/2023 after potentially being hit by a car. She endured a very nasty broken pelvis and was in a lot of discomfort and pain. It was the best thing to do, to let her go. Even though she wasn’t the most cuddly and affectionate cat and everything had to be on her terms, she will always be my pet companion and I’ll miss seeing her around and calling her name for her to come inside or for food.

I hope you’re resting and sleeping peacefully my lovely little Dora the explorer, you’re not in pain anymore❤️🐈‍⬛❤️

Just want to say a massive thank you to Colne valley pets for being so supportive and caring during this time.

Sophie Shepherd

Bob Scott-BoutellBob found us and enriched our lives. Dylan dog taught him to trust again and not be scared. He gave us his all and stayed with us for as long as he could even though his body was tired. He has left a huge Bobby gap in our lives but we are so pleased that he found and chose us.

Lesley and Jessica Scott-Boutell

Snuggles TadmanWe got Snuggles & her brother Barney when they were 8 wk old rescue kittens from Brenda in Alresford in April 2003. We fell in love instantly. They were the most beautiful & mischievous kittens growing up & always together, making us laugh watching them play. They loved hunting & climbing trees in the field behind our garden. Very sadly Barney passed away just before turning 8 yrs. Snuggles then became closer to us all spending more time with the girls & a lap cat in the evenings. It was the perfect name for her as she loved to snuggle up close enjoying cuddles & kisses & (massages when she was older). She was such a character & gave us so much love back. We had nearly 21 wonderful years with her & will miss her terribly. She was the most beautiful, dearest little cat we could possibly have had.

God bless our gorgeous Snuggles. Go & play with beautiful Barney again.

Love you both forever x

Thank you to everyone at Colne Valley especially Vet Alison who helped us say goodbye to Snuggles. The card of sympathy words you sent us meant a lot!

Alison, Ade, Sarah & Gemma

Harry and RonnieCairn Terrier Harry (at the back) went to Rainbow Bridge shortly before his 10th birthday, on 20th February 2020 and his best pal, Ronnie, joined him aged 13, on 14th July 2023. They are both very much missed.

The three of us attended puppy classes with Ant at the practice in 2010 and remained longstanding clients to the very end. Just before Christmas 2012 both boys were attacked by an off-lead dog, injuries which led to Ronnie losing one of his front legs and many appointments at Colne Valley followed. He was an amazing and adventurous tripawd for over 10 years and lived life to the full with 3 legs, always keeping Harry in check. He had a very special bond with our vet Ben, who performed his amputation and Ant, who always made sure his nails were looked after. Both boys were well known to the vet nurses and receptionists and always made a fuss of every time we visited. The hole they leave in my life is huge but it was a privilege to be their owner and to be able to let them both go when the time was right for them. Thank you to everyone at Colne Valley, especially Ben and Ant, for the care and love you provided them - and the support you gave me - over 13 years. The boys are now resting peacefully together in a casket at home, leaving me with many happy memories.

Hannah Jarvis


The only thing I could not save you from is time ... 24th September 2004 to 4th September 2023

Alison Pettitt

MillieMillie Rheumer

Millie passed away 15 /08/2023. Age 11, most beautiful unique Jack Russell ever. Full of life could run as fast as a greyhound through fields, with her happy little face. She loved socks, and cuddles and would follow you everywhere. So sadly missed. When Colne Valley vets had to say it was time to let her go. They were very compassionate.and lovely. Always in my heart n memories little of Millie x

Becky Rheumer

BaileyI remember getting Bailey he was like a little ball of fun running around and having a good time, he loved his walks and his food,he was such a well behaved dog not a bad bone in his body, he was gentle and loving, and a treasured member of our family, he was quite contented when out for a walk just to sniff around in the grass and take his time at a leisurely pace, we are heartbroken at losing him and we love him so very very much. It's so hard not seeing him here in the living room it feels empty.

We love you Bailey and you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Bless you Darling love from all of your family and also Marley and Mickey, Love You Sweet heart, till we meet again one day, Love You. 💖🐾💖🐾 24 7 09 - 5 8 23

Della Oty

Molly♡Molly was our 14 almost 15 year old border collie and best friend (born 31st October 2008) she was the best member to the Evans family, always excited to go on walks and play with the family.

♡We remember when she was at the seaside and just played for hours with everyone, just enjoying her time there like she was the only dog in the world and she was in our eyes. ♡We miss her everyday and never let her memory escape our hearts and home.

♡She always stole someones shoe big or small, when she had zoomies she would run up the halls and punch on people like they were pillows.

♡Molly will forever be in our hearts and never forgotten.

♡Molly loved treats, her family, toys that squeaked, going for nature walks, laying in the sun trying to catch a tan, watching movies with the family... like Marvel 🤭, chasing her family around, playing fetch, belly rubs, kisses, hugs and etc.

♡Molly Evans♡
♡-31st October 2008 - 23rd June 2023-♡

Celine Evans

SusieI just want to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has left me kind messages about losing Susie, one of my two remaining 16year old cats today. The lovely vet (Alison)who attended to her this morning felt her gently and found a mass, almost certainly a tumour. Tough call for me but she would only have had a very limited time left with no real quality of life.Susie has, I like to think, joined her brother Ben in kitty heaven.

I’m left with the remaining sister, Billie who can’t work out why she is getting even more cuddles today. She gets loads anyway but knows something is up. All three came from the same litter, born on a local farm in the Spring of 2006.

Alison was superb today. She knew I was visibly upset and gave me ample time alone with Susie, to both to reassure her and say goodbye. Susie’s passing was pain free, so very gentle and peaceful. I cannot thank Alison enough. Good animal “owners” ( I don’t really like that term) get the love they invest in their pets returned ten fold. The love and trust they place in us is to be treasured and honoured by us. Thank you Susie, my feisty, fearless little lady who was a true lap cat, for nearly 17 precious years with us. xx

I must add a brief P.S- Alison took the trouble to send me a card with a lovely message of sympathy. It was a thoughtful, kind surprise and I very much appreciate it.

Mr Nield Hinson

MontyLast month we had to say goodbye to our lovely tabby cat Monty. Back in 2009 he found himself in need of a new home as his previous owner had passed away. We already had 3 female cats but Monty was accepted into the ‘family group’ pretty much straight away. He would greet me at our front gate every evening when I returned home from work and slept with me on my pillow at night. Such a true friend. By and large the local bird population had nothing to fear as Monty was much more interested in getting to know mice and voles and would often leave ‘a present’ by the door. I will never forget my little man (who amazingly almost made it to the grand old age of 21) - and the relationship we shared. RIP Monty until we meet again

Cathy P

This is Rosie. Rosie was born in my home, her Mum was Ruby who was also went over the rainbow bridge 3years ago in August. Rosie had cheated death 3 times in her life but over the last few weeks she became unwell and was clearly suffering. Rosie was a beautiful soul who loved everyone around her. She'd always be by my side. She is now pain free and at rest but she will be so dearly missed and never forgotten. Sleep well Darling and go and be with Ruby and Chelsie. We will miss you so much. Love Mummy and Family

Carol Maidment

TiaMy beautiful Tia went over the rainbow on 10th June 2022. For over 13 years she had been a big part of my heart, she will forever stay on my heart. We had the best time together, she really was my best friend. I am heartbroken. Love you forever Tia xx


JakeJake was helped to cross the rainbow bridge on 6th June 2022, 11 weeks after his brother Pippin. A wonderful 15 years with this beautiful boy, he was much loved and will be sorely missed.

Kayleigh Bunn

HarveyHarvey ‘Henry’ Heard, aged 10 taken after terminal disease but gave 10 years of unconditional love, friendship, support and extreme happiness and pleasure. He is missed every day and will always be with us, deep in our hearts. Love you.

Angela Heard

MickeyMickey is the love of my life. I rescued him while living in SA and brought him back to the UK when I came home. He was an abandoned abused rescue and also a cancer survivor. He taught me about trust and forgiveness. Mickey was the watcher in the family and mine and Rubys protector. I lost him 3.5 years ago gratefully and thankfully to old. Having Mickey meant I did something right in the world.


HarryHarry was my soul mate and I miss him every day. I have no words to describe how much I loved this dog. He was a great teacher and I learned so much from him. He showed me the power of a dogs capacity to love and forgive.

Louise Flack

MistyMisty came into my life whilst I was recovering from breast cancer and played a huge part in my healing and recovery process. She was a very special cat indeed and leaves a huge hole in my heart. I don’t think any other cat will ever touch my life in quite the same way.

Tracey Giles

PippinPippin had been with me since he was 8 weeks old and crossed the rainbow bridge on the 21st March 2022 at the grand age of 16 and a half. He was the bestest friend I could have wished for, always happy for a cuddle. I will cherish all the time we had together and will miss him forever.

Kayleigh Bunn

MaceyMacey - 16 years old, sadly we had to say goodbye to her 2 weeks ago. We feel truly blessed to have had “Our Old Lady “ in our lives. Feeling totally heartbroken. Miss her everyday.

Kelly Browning

Carla’s early life was filled with fear and isolation, being very neglected and extremely thin on rescue. However, this beautiful girl bounded into our lives at the age of 11 months and she was a real lady. She never raised her lip or growled at us her whole life (though the local dogs were terrified of her!) and she tried so hard to live for us but Ben gave her a peaceful and dignified passing at the age of 13. My beautiful brown dobe.

Louise Flack

Chas, I miss you so much. You were not with us long and no-one at the Colne Valley vets actually met you as you were a very traumatised and terrified rescue of the most awful kind. Your soul was as gentle as a feather despite everything your 8 years or so of life had dealt you and i will never get over your passing whilst in emergency surgery out of hours for gastric torsion. My beautiful gentle giant

Louise Flack

SmudgeOur gentleman Labrador Smudge was the best ever swap for an old freezer! He joined our family when he was two years old and came camping just ten days later. Always a gentle friend to us, his half aunt Pippin and latterly Miss Molly Mischief. He invariably had something in his mouth: soft toy, shoe, you name it.

In March 2021, he unexpectedly fell ill and was given a peaceful passing 48 hours later, on his thirteenth birthday. 

Rest in peace, Mr Smudge

RioRio was our 19 month old Blue Burmese who we took on in the first lockdowm and was the perfect companion during furlough. Unfortunately his life was cut short due to a complication from a heart problem. We miss him everyday

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