Colne Valley Vets Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

At the practice we offer a range of consults with our nurses. These include:

  • Puppy & kitten clinics
    • Advice and help with typical adolescent behaviours.
    • Weight and growth chart monitoring.
    • Feeding and health care advice.
    • Positive association at the surgery without any invasive treatments.
  • Weight Management clinics
    • Monitoring pets weight to prevent obesity.
    • 30% of pets are not weighed.
    • Obesity is a disease which is linked to 20 illnesses.
    • In a recent study, 65% dogs and 39% cats are overweight.
  • Dental homecare clinics
    • 70% of cats will have dental disease by the age of 3.
    • 80% of dogs will have dental disease by the age of 2, with small and toy dog at a greater risk.
    • Chronic inflammation caused by tartar and plaque can cause damage to the pets organs, be painful and shorten their life.
    • There are 5 common stages of progression that the nurse can identify at a routine clinic, preventing unnecessary anaesthetics.
  • Pet health plan routine appointments
    • As part of your Pet Health care plan, 6 monthly checks monitoring, weight, dental care, checking the microchip is still in situ, discuss feeding, behaviours and general well being. 
  • Advice for senior pets
    • Monitoring appropriate diet requirements, nutraceuticals, exercise modification to lead an active healthy lifestyle.
    • Blood tests and blood pressure checks for early signs of compromised organs. 
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Blood sampling
  • Routine nail clipping
    • Long nails can cause various health problems by creating an unnatural angle of the foot, or unequal pressure on the toes and nail beds. They can also curl and grow into the pad causing pain and infection.
  • Anal gland expression
    • Usually these glands empty naturally with defecation.  If this does not happen they over fill and leak with blocking if not emptied completely. This can be irritating and painful. 


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