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Colne Valley News – January 2019


Another New Year!

We hope you all had a happy, healthy and safe Christmas. If your dog was very upset by the fireworks as 2019 was welcomed in, then please ask us for advice now, rather than leaving it until the fireworks start around 5th November, Guy Fawkes night. 

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Actually, did you make any New Year’s resolutions on behalf of your pets, such as helping him or her to attain an ideal bodyweight, going out for daily exercise or simply giving more of your time and attention? Let us know how you are doing, and please make an appointment with Antony if you need help to slim your pet. Take a photograph today so that you can spot any changes in body shape. 

2019 will/should/may be the year that sees a resolution to that constant source of discussion/debate/argument at the dinner table: Brexit. We have an information sheet available at reception where we have attempted to clearly explain the situation with regard to taking pets out of the UK. Essentially, it would be wisest to make no travel plans with your pets until after 29th March, or if you need to plan ahead then ideally leaving the UK after July. That should leave enough time to fulfil any new requirements that might be introduced. We will update you as necessary so keep an eye on our website, our Facebook page and subsequent newsletters.


Puppy parties

Our puppy parties are still proving popular, with both puppies and their owners. You can recognise those puppies and dogs which have previously attended puppy parties - they invariably come in to the practice with confidence, tails wagging, ready for fun! 

Puppy parties are held on Mondays from 5pm and Wednesday lunchtimes from 1pm, upstairs in the puppy party room at the main surgery. We do ask you to book in advance because we limit numbers to ensure each puppy benefits. You are welcome to book for one, two or three parties in any combination of days - the charge is £8 per party session. Your puppy must be less than thirteen weeks old on the day of the puppy party so that the puppies are all at a similar stage in development. 

Please ask at reception for more information.


Safe storage of potential hazards

Christmas saw the usual flurry of vomiting dogs, having eaten food that either set off gastro-enteritis or pancreatitis (a very painful condition, often requiring hospitalisation for intensive nursing). There were also dogs vomiting because of intestinal obstruction with so-called foreign bodies. Over the years, and throughout the year, we have removed walnuts, peach stones, socks, children’s toys, boxer shorts and on one occasion a bra!

Then there are those cases where we have to cause vomiting, after dogs have eaten  chocolate, foods containing dried fruits such as raisins (Christmas cake, mince pies, Christmas pudding) or medicines such as painkillers, for example.

Many of these instances could have been prevented. Food and medicines should be stored out of reach of pets. This includes the kitchen and outdoor caddies for recycling of food waste as the moulds found on old food can be extremely toxic. Items of clothing are obviously harder but really it is all about being as vigilant as possible. Dogs seem to be drawn to handbags left on the floor or a chair, probably by the owners’ scent, so try not to keep food and medicines in them, or only within a closed zipped pocket. 

Above all, if you suspect your dog has eaten something which may be a hazard then please contact us at once. 



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