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Colne Valley News - November 2019


Exhibition at Colchester General Hospital

If you have ever been in Clare’s consulting room (the middle one of the three leading directly off the waiting room), you cannot fail to have noticed the striking photographs on the walls.  Examples of Clare’s photography can be seen above and at the end of this newsletter

Clare has been lucky enough to secure an exhibition at the Colne Gallery (the corridor near the restaurant) at Colchester General Hospital between 25th November and 28th December.  If you have time or are nearby, it will most definitely be worth a visit.



Depending on when you read this, Guy Fawkes ‘season’ will be ongoing, or behind us for another year. Fireworks are not, however, restricted to commemorating the Gunpowder Plot. If you are now aware that your dog has anxiety over fireworks, then please contact us for advice before Christmas and New Year are upon us.  We have many strategies available for managing this distressing problem. The firework fact sheet giving useful ideas for coping is still available here.


Eight out of ten owners…

We ran some polls on Facebook in the late summer which gave some interesting results. Following on from the previous topic, there was a split similar to the Brexit Referendum result (apologies for the use of the B-word – ed.) when it came to fireworks phobia, with 52% of owners reporting their dogs as having a fireworks phobia (73 respondents).

A poll about flea treatments for cats was initially running equally between oral (by mouth) and topical (spot-on) but when the poll eventually closed there was a comprehensive thumbs up for topical treatments (83% of 87 votes cast). Another poll about cat-care gave 62% of owners regularly grooming their cats (84 respondents). Being a simple two-option poll, this gave no idea of the breeds of cat involved, some breeds having coats which need grooming more than others.

The most popular poll was in response to our question ‘Do you walk your dog every day?’ Of the 319 respondents, 84% replied that they did, leaving 16% who did not walk their dog on a daily basis. To our amazement, the PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report was reported a week later which happened to include a question about daily dog walking, and it gave a similar result to our poll with 13% not walking their dogs every day and 1% never walking their dogs.

This 1% amazed us.  Who would want to miss out on the joys and benefits of dog-walking? It can be such a great excuse for not doing housework and a wonderful chance to unwind in our natural environment, whatever the weather which can in itself add to the experience.


Christmas preparations

As minds turn to Christmas, please think carefully about where you hide presents and store festive foods. We have already had a dog rushed in after eating mince pies, three months before Christmas! If you see your pet eating something not intended for him or her, then please contact us without delay for advice. It may be that no harm will arise, but time can be of the essence in many instances.




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