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Colne Valley News – Autumn 2018


Safe journey home, Simone!

Summer drew to a close with the departure of our long-term locum vet Simone.  With wedding bells ringing, she is finally going back to settle in her native Australia. Simone is going to be missed by all of us and we know, by a great many of you too.  We wish her the very best of luck for the future.

September also marked the return on a part-time basis of our vet Alexa, back from maternity leave following the birth of her son last year. Welcome back Alexa! It’s good to see you.



The summer ticked over quite nicely until the middle of August when we started to see an increase in pets with live fleas and the consequences of being itchy. One family came in to the practice for advice after returning from holiday to find their home alive with fleas!

Once a flea has had a meal from your pet, the remainder of the life cycle takes place in the environment. A figure often quoted is that for every flea found on a pet, there are 200 in the home environment multiplying rapidly! It is therefore vital to maintain year-round flea control on all your furry pets. Never be lulled into a false sense of security - a month’s break in treatment or being even a few days late in treating your pet can open the door to an infestation.  Each female flea lays between thirty and forty eggs a day.

Once you start finding fleas in your house, you are seriously on catch-up. Ask us about products to treat your dogs and cats:

  • spot-on every month
  • monthly tablet
  • collar which provides flea prevention for 7-8 months

You will get things under control more rapidly by treating all parts of the house as well.  You need to use an agent which not only kills adult fleas but also stops the eggs from hatching out and the larvae from developing into adults. Ask at reception for an effective product - you will need at least one can of spray if you are to thoroughly treat your home environment as it entails treating every single room in the house.

If you call in a professional pest control company, remember that you also need to address your car, caravan, tree-house, garage, summer hous etc. It is perfectly possible for you to carry in fleas on your clothing, and flea eggs under your shoes, from your workplace or a property you may have visited which had a flea infestation. This is why the car, for example, can pose a hotspot for re-contamination of your house if it is not included in environmental control. Your pets are not always to blame! This also explains how house cats can have fleas and even households without any pets at all.



With Guy Fawkes night, 5th November, falling on a Monday this year, the peak time for fireworks is likely to be around the first weekend in November. However, it is never too soon to start preparing now if your dog has a firework phobia. Please contact the practice for further advice, and we have a Fireworks Advice Sheet here




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